Do you still need a personal photo site with Gallery 3?

I have a pictures web site, which is hosted on Dreamhost. The programe is Gallery. I used Gallery 2 before. Later I upgraded it to Gallery 3.

The main purpose to establish this personal photo site is that I want to share the pictures with my family around the world. Actually some in USA, some in main land China.  When I first make the site, I made a decision, I do not want to put the pictures on the third party web site. I want the full control of my own photos.

Now, more and more pictures we take every day. We can use Android phone to take the pictures. We can use Nikon Coolpix L22 to take the pictures. We can even use iPad mini to take pictures. And the resulotions of the pictures is much higher than those 5, or 6 years ago. File size is much bigger.

To organized them and put all in one place is very hard and takes more time. If I still use the way I used before to put them into Gallery 3 program, it will take me a lot of time to do it.

So I have a change. It is a change based on the current technology.

Dropbox. Yes, I use dropbox to meet my needs.

First, Dropbox has apps for Android phone and iPhone, iPad mini. When the apps is installed on the phone or these devices, the device has the power to upload every pictures or videos it take to the Camera Uploads folder automaticlly.

Second, Since every one wants the pictures have it is own dropbox account. We can have a shared folder, I named it for-share. If I take a photo and want to give it to the others, I just save it to the for-share folder. They will get it in minutes.

So, now I am going to take my old personal photo site offline. Before I do it, I may think about how to keep the old photos on the site.  Anyway, I have all the original picture files. The total disk space is over 50GB. Just pictures. Videos are not included. I start it from 2001. They are not arts, but my life. I archived them in three places.

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