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Cloud Storage or Online Archiving places

I am thinking about put my digital pictures archives in cloud. It will be my second backup for these digital life records. The first backup is on my NAS at home. The original one is on my Desktop.

I need a remote backup, just in case. My previous solution is to burn these files into small DVD-Rs, which is 1.4GB capacity. I put them into safe box in TD Bank. The photos are back to 2001. I took by my first digital camera, Finepix2400.


It is old way. now it is time to move them to online archiving or cloud storage.

There are so many options right now. I am only consider the free storage.

Dropbox has 2GB free storage.

Microsoft OneDrive has 7GB free storage

Google Drive has 15GB free storage

Box has 10GB free storage


For me, I have more than above default new user limits. Because I refer some new user to them or I am a loyalty user.

Dropbox, I have 16GB

Microsoft OneDrive, I have 25GB

Google Drive, I have 15GB, I have 50GB


So, my decision is to put my photo archives in 50GB is enough for now.



Do you still need a personal photo site with Gallery 3?

I have a pictures web site, which is hosted on Dreamhost. The programe is Gallery. I used Gallery 2 before. Later I upgraded it to Gallery 3.

The main purpose to establish this personal photo site is that I want to share the pictures with my family around the world. Actually some in USA, some in main land China.  When I first make the site, I made a decision, I do not want to put the pictures on the third party web site. I want the full control of my own photos.

Now, more and more pictures we take every day. We can use Android phone to take the pictures. We can use Nikon Coolpix L22 to take the pictures. We can even use iPad mini to take pictures. And the resulotions of the pictures is much higher than those 5, or 6 years ago. File size is much bigger.

To organized them and put all in one place is very hard and takes more time. If I still use the way I used before to put them into Gallery 3 program, it will take me a lot of time to do it.

So I have a change. It is a change based on the current technology.

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Get 3GB bonus space for your Dropbox

Got email from Dropbox. Which told me to I am a Dropbox Guru. There is a bonus for me. It is 3GB of Free extra space for next 12 months. So totally, I have 10.75GB space and already 50% full.

Dropbox is the No.1 storage tools, based on Feb. 2012 Website Magazine.
76% of respondents use Dropbox. Other storage providers included Time Machine (7%), Carbonite (3%), (3%), and Crashplan (2%).

My experience is Dropbox is the fastest tool to upload your file to cloud and your other computer. I am also use my smartphone (Android based) to access the file. Took the pictures and send to Dropbox directly.


I have a shared folder with my parents in law. They live in San Francisco. They can see my young son’s pictures just a few seconds after I took the pictures and save it into the Dropbox.

Click here to get your free space on Dropbox.

Dropbox looks good

I have some files need to be sync between office PC and home computer.
Sometimes I use USB disk, sometimes I use email. The problem is I may forget which one is updated one. It did happen that I use the old version overwrite the new one.
No I found Dropbox, which can solve my problem. At least it is what he said.
After click the link above, and download the program, install it in your computer.
You can have an folder to be sync with your pc and other computer.
Dropbox will keep a 30 day history of your files which in the Dropbox folder.

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