Last year, in November, I bought a Western Digital 8TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Driver HDD. It is 5460 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 128MB Cache, 3.5″.  In total, I paid $198 including taxes. The HDD is $176.79 before tax. I don’t know if you still can get it on the market with a similar price range.

The model number is WD80EFZ.

I bought it for my NAS.  I believe when I posted How I install my NAS with Ubuntu 22.04lts, I already mentioned it is this 8TB WE Red Plus.

wd red plus 8tb

Look at the back. It is nothing special.

WD Red Plus 8TB Back LookI know it is special. It is CMR, and 8TB.

For more detailed information about it, check the attached infosheet.

I am replacing one of my old HDDs with this 8TB. Right now, my NAS has one 8TB, two 4TB, and one 1.5TB.

Look at the SMART information.

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