I received Domain Name Expiration Notice from Domain Registry of Canada (DROC).
It said my domain name “freeinoutboard.com” will expire on May 31, 2007. It provide me a quote of 1 year renew for $40, 2 years renew for $70 and 5 years renew for $160.
And it ask me to pay by Credit card.
The truth is I have never registered any domain name through DROC.
I treat it as a spam mail. DROC retrive the domain registrar information from the WHOIS server. Prepare the fake expiration notice to the owner of domain.
There is an advice from easyDNS.
Please be noticed the following important information:
Penalties Imposed by the courts posted on Canadian Competition Bureau
General Information
Company/Individual: Internet Registry of Canada and Daniel Klemann
Product: Internet domain name registration
Date: 2004-06-30
Section of the Act/Instrument
s. 52(1) False or Misleading Representations
5-year Prohibition Order
After above, IROC changed its name to DROC.

My advice is put the expiration notice from DROC into garbage can, not recycle bin, when you receive this mail.
I think the guys of DROC are very stupid. They have not checked my current domain name price.
My current hosting plan with 1and1 is Beginner Package. It cost me $2.99 per month, about $36 per year, with domain name and 5G web space, 500 email account, 250G traffic, and many many features. DROC only give me a domain for $40 per year.
If the Competition Bureau issue another penalty to DROC, I hope it is Prohibition for 100 years.

David Yin

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2 Replies to “Domain Registry of Canada – Spam Mail

  1. I have had several domains registered with DROC.CA for ages now, thinking the extra cost should translate to superior service. (They did not send me renewal notices when they should have — ironic, isn’t it? )
    But what really pissed me off is that when I had a problem with renewing one of my domains (they claimed it was being ‘transferred’) I could not get e-mail support to respond to me, and phone support, not being able to help me, hung up on me when I wanted to talk to a supervisor. I am still waiting to have my domain retrieved from limbo… two days later.
    Definitely do not register with DROC, the cost is not reflected in the service.

  2. I dropped here by googling, I had the same Fake Mail and I knew I was right.
    I would even call it a spoof of the Canadian Government.
    DROC is just anoter unethical private company.
    Shame on them.

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