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Remove link of comment in WordPress

By default all links posted in the comments under your articles are turned by WordpPress into links. Unfortunately, this features encourages spammers to post many unwanted comments in your blog. To disable turning URLs from comments into actual links, go to your admin area and then navigate to Appearance -> Editor. Select the functions.php file

Anti Forum spammer by SpamWords

As I mentioned before, I install a Spamwords 1.1.3 plugin on PHPBB 2.0.22. After about one and half month use, I feel it is so good to provent lots of spam from displaying on my G2Soft Support forum. It is like a Wall to protect the phpbb. The spammer is blocked and the IP address

Spam Filtering update in MT

SixApart announce an update of the default plugin Spamlookup It is a manual update. The steps as below: 1. Login to Movable Type. (Your account will need to have System Administrator privileges.) 2. Click on the “Plugins” link in the main navigation on the left hand side. 3. Look for the “SpamLookup – Lookups” plugin