Anti Forum spammer by SpamWords

As I mentioned before, I install a Spamwords 1.1.3 plugin on PHPBB 2.0.22. After about one and half month use, I feel it is so good to provent lots of spam from displaying on my G2Soft Support forum.
It is like a Wall to protect the phpbb. The spammer is blocked and the IP address is banned either.
Let me list some popular spam words I used when detect the message.
There are three types of spam words.
1) Adult content;
2) Medicine;
3) fake software;
4) Other items, say, Furniture;
The list of spam words keep growing. When I see some new type of Spam, I will add these into the spam words. So next time some spammers try to post will be blocked.
During past 1 and half month, it blocked over one hundred spams. It is not including the spam post I deleted manually about 10 posts.
This Spam Words is good and powerfull. If you have a PHPBB forum. I highly recommend it to you to protect your system.

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