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phpBB official site is hacked

phpBB official site was hacked one week ago. It is still under maintenance. Maintenance We are sorry to report that we have been attacked through a 0-day-exploit in our PHPList installation (responsible for the mailing list about new releases). phpBB.com will remain unavailable while we work to recover. No vulnerabilities have been found in the

New Features of phpBB3

phpBB3 is released last month. I upgraded one phpBB 2.0.22 to phpBB 3 yesterday. I will show you the details about the upgrade later. Now I just mark some good features phpBB 3 added. UTF-8 Support, Search Engine spider Handling, Set min/max Username Length, Set min/max Password Length, Set Password Complexity Requirements, Attachments, Post Drafts,

phpBB Email settings with Gmail

I run a BBS, which is phpBB. I also use the Google Apps’ email service. How to make them work together? Let’s discuss it now. Version of phpBB2: 2.0.22 It is running on the Dreamhost‘s hosting. There is a email setting under General Admin > Configuration Say, I want to use a Gmail account as

Anti Forum spammer by SpamWords

As I mentioned before, I install a Spamwords 1.1.3 plugin on PHPBB 2.0.22. After about one and half month use, I feel it is so good to provent lots of spam from displaying on my G2Soft Support forum. It is like a Wall to protect the phpbb. The spammer is blocked and the IP address

Fight against Spam, Spammer and Bots

Create a Forum, or BBS, is easy for now. But to keep it clean and away from spam is more difficult. To take care of the PHPBB, I use it for G2Soft Supporting Forum, I add some plugins on it. I added Humanizer mod for PHPBB, and Hide User’s WebSite Button 1.0.3. I got some