Here is a notes for Email Server Settings. It is not just for Email server. It is mainly for DNS setting for Email server.

The purpose of it is to prevent from your outgoing email into spam box.

I have a web page, which use PHPMailer to send email. The problem of it is most of time the recipient found the email in the spam box. I am using sendmail to send out email.

Later I choose to use ZOHO as my email service provider. And choose smtp in PHPMailer.

So, the solution is here for ZOHO.

  1. SPF record
  2. DomainKeys

Add SPF or Sender ID record

Enter the TXT Name and TXT Value “v=spf1 mx ~all”

Add Domainkeys or DKIM



When I using sendmail, SPF is already added. But still go into spam box. So, I believe DomainKeys is more important than before.

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