I have a 1and1 host plan. It provide some vouchers for clients.
I active one voucher of Microsoft adCenter. I want to sign up a new account on adCenter with this voucher. I failed finally.
Let me address the details of this trial.
I live in Canada.
I have Credit Card with Canadian currency only.
I don’t have a US address.
When I register on the adCenter, and enter the voucher code into the promotion field.
It gave me some errors.

Country of Promotion and account must match.

Currency of the Promotion and account must match.

Based on these two errors, I know I can not use this voucher because of I am Canadian.
The voucher from 1and1 is US voucher. It can not be used by Canadian like me.

They did provide good vouchers for US clients.
Microsoft® adCenter $50
Google AdWords® Sign up credits $25
Citysearch $25
for Home plan.

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