1and1 problems

For 1and1 hosting plan, I have so many problems with them and phoned them many times.
1) The MS Beginner package.
Very slow, and many downtime. Even they reimburse me, I have to move one of my site to my own server to keep my Users happy.
2) Domain name DNS setting.
yinfor.com and www.yinfor.com should be pointed to the same IP address, or A record. Otherwise, the www.yinfor.com, may have two A records. One is from its own DNS setting, one is inherited from yinfor.com’s DNS setting.
3) Webfiles.
There are many server error in the last week. I can not use Webfiles. When I call the support, they ask me to wait and wait.
4) Switch package.
I make a decision to switch from MS beginner package to Linux beginner package. It has a link in Control Panel. I tried five times, all failed by 500 internal error.
I called them yesterday midnight. After about 30 minutes, they told me their server has a problem. Ask me to wait their email.

I list these problems here.
1and1 may find this post. I hope they can improve their service and products. If they continue have these pool service, the users will leave them and go to other service providers.
I just confirmed to switch the package. The switch page looks OK now.