I have a site which is hosted by 1and1. It is down last week about 8 or 9 hours.
I remember that it has a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
So, I send an email to them and get the confirmation to reimburse me 3 month free hosting.
1and1 is a trustworthy company.
Their hosting plan is good enough for me and some other users.
Look, they have a lot of free software for site owners.
If you need some hosting or domain, go there. I recommend 1and1.
To check domain, use the following tool.

We trust 1&1 for our domains – Get yours for $5.99 today!



David Yin

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2 Replies to “1and1 server downtime reimbursement

  1. Are you kidding? 1and1.com is HORRIBLE. Down time for the business package is like every other day!
    Please stop promoting 1and1.com, I am actually going to be blogging about their horrible service today…

  2. 1and1 host is very good. You can find a lot of reviews about 1and1 on the website . Also, 1and1 is trusted by many of its customers. Obviously, there can not be a very perfect host, since these hosts are of many different features.
    The clients should buy a host which meets their needs perfectly. For example, if a person has some experiences with Linux, he or she may choose the host which supports ssh so that it can achieve its perfect performances. Moreover, the e-shop host users can choose a kind production which could provides more after-services.

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