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1and1 problems

For 1and1 hosting plan, I have so many problems with them and phoned them many times.
1) The MS Beginner package.
Very slow, and many downtime. Even they reimburse me, I have to move one of my site to my own server to keep my Users happy.
2) Domain name DNS setting. and should be pointed to the same IP address, or A record. Otherwise, the, may have two A records. One is from its own DNS setting, one is inherited from’s DNS setting.
3) Webfiles.
There are many server error in the last week. I can not use Webfiles. When I call the support, they ask me to wait and wait.
4) Switch package.
I make a decision to switch from MS beginner package to Linux beginner package. It has a link in Control Panel. I tried five times, all failed by 500 internal error.
I called them yesterday midnight. After about 30 minutes, they told me their server has a problem. Ask me to wait their email.

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Telus vs Shaw

High Speed Internet Service

Shaw Telus
Download Speed Up to 5.0 Mb up to 1.5 Mbps
Upload Speed up to 512 Kbps
Email Accounts 10 3
Email Account Space Quota 100MB 15MB with transfer limit.
Web Space 20 MB/ email address 10 MB / account
Data Transfer Limit

60 GB/month

30 GB/month
Personal IP Addresses 2
Price with Purchased Modem


Other features Video Mail
Email Filter
5 hours of dial-up access

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VOIP enhancement

Shaw Cable provide digital phone service in Vancouver city in 2006.
I got the information that they offer a new service to enhance your IP phone quality. This service is not shown publicly, even in their site. It can distinguish between data package and VOIP package. Then shaw give the VOIP package higher transfer priority. The IP phone conversation can get better quality almost without delay.
They charge $10 per month for it.

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IP address changed

Our site is connected through the Shaw Cable.
I trusted Shaw Cable periodically change the IP address assigned to their clients. Normally it is one year.
The IP address of server was changed on December 5 noon. I changed DNS settings accordantly. The DNS settings need about 24 hours to 72 hours to synchroniz the settings to all aroung the world ( Internet world ).
It is 9:49PM pacific time Dec. 7, 2005. Part of the world can get this site correctly. The remains are still resolved the old ip address and show the error message.
I hope after next 24 hours the domain name can be resolved correctly in the whole world.

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