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How to get Zend Server Free License

I installed  a Zend Server on one developing server. It is v6.

  • Zend Server Version: 6.0.1
  • Build: branch_zend_server_release_6.0.1:69400

The original license information is trial for one week, full features.

After one week, I need a Free License to use it.

Now I got a Free License and it works perfectly with certain limitation.


How to get your Zend Server Free License?

1) Sign in Zend Account

If you do not have it, just sign up.

2) Click the link below to get one

You will see you Free Zend Server License information, including Order number and Serial code.

3) Sign in your Zend Server to apply the new license

Administration > License

Click change license button and enter the order into order number field, and Serial into License Key field.  Save it and it will restart.

What is the limitation of the Free Edition?

While free Zend Server is a great solution for a development project, it has limitations compared to paid Zend Server subscriptions. Paid subscriptions include longer data retention (months or years rather than an hour of metrics), technical support and security patches , more performance features,  and multi-server support and management.

Look at the Zend Server Editions comparison.

Install Zend Optimizer 3.2.8 on Ubuntu 7.04 Server

I have a Ubuntu 7.04 server here with following server.
Apache2 and PHP 5
The PHP info show as below:

I still want to install Zend Optimizer.
So I go to Zend’s official server, get the link of the latest version.
Now I record the steps how to install it on Ubuntu 7.04 server.
1) Login Ubuntu by Putty.
2) Enter the following command to download the source package for my i386 core.


3) Decompress the tar file

tar xvfz ZendOptimizer-3.2.8-linux-glibc21-i386.tar.gz

4) Install it.

cd ZendOptimizer-3.2.8-linux-glibc21-i386

During the installation, you need provide the path of the Zend installation,
PHP Configuration file location
Apache Control Utility path
After installation, the PHP info changed to:

1and1 Hosting Beginner no Zend Optimizer but Great for WordPress

I just switch my hosting plan from MS Beginner to Linux Beginner package. The switching is OK.
Even I find so many problems, I still want to keep my hosting plan on 1and1.
One more issue is the Linux Beginner package does not support Zend Optimizer. Only when I upgrade to Business Hosting or above, I can install the Zend Optimizer through SSH. Please refer to the 1and1’s FAQ.
Some programs I download need it. I have to give up and choose another program.
I may say Great, because of easy installation of WordPress on it.
To Install a WordPress Just three steps.
1) Create a MySQL database in 1and1 control panel. Get the information of database.
2) Download the latest WordPress from its official site. Decompress it and modify the wp-config.php file based on the information got from step 1.
3) Upload all files into the server, and load Follow the instruction on pages and done.

Google and Zend – Zend Google Data Client Library

Zend Google Data Client Library is released on Oct. 31, 2006.
It is a new GData API for Php developer. It provide a simple standard protocol and writing data on the web. For example, Google Base, Calendar, Blogger, and CodeSearch each have a data API following the Google Data protocol.
To get this Gdata tool, click here.
The most interest thing is Google Account Authentication.
I plan to build a online Poll system. If I can integrate this system with Google Account, it will be much easy for users.

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