Install Zend Optimizer 3.2.8 on Ubuntu 7.04 Server

I have a Ubuntu 7.04 server here with following server.
Apache2 and PHP 5
The PHP info show as below:

I still want to install Zend Optimizer.
So I go to Zend’s official server, get the link of the latest version.
Now I record the steps how to install it on Ubuntu 7.04 server.
1) Login Ubuntu by Putty.
2) Enter the following command to download the source package for my i386 core.


3) Decompress the tar file

tar xvfz ZendOptimizer-3.2.8-linux-glibc21-i386.tar.gz

4) Install it.

cd ZendOptimizer-3.2.8-linux-glibc21-i386

During the installation, you need provide the path of the Zend installation,
PHP Configuration file location
Apache Control Utility path
After installation, the PHP info changed to: