Switch to Acronis True Image Server for Windows

I use Livestate for almost one year,until last week.

I got the error message as below:
Error: “EBAB001A: Cannot read data from drive. An unknown exception has occurred.”

I googled it, and got the answer,

Note: If you are seeing this error message while using Symantec LiveState Recovery, contact Symantec Technical Support to obtain an updated version.

The Livestate I use is 3.0. It is very old version. Symantec doesnot want to support it or let user use it any more.
They want us buy a new version, say Exec.
Ok, I hate it and switch to their competitor, Acronis.
Acronis has some very competitive products, like Acronis True Image Server for Windows 9.1 I mentioned before.
I have a copy which is server 9.1 build 3534. I install it on my Windows 2003. It looks good. I can backup one partition into other partition as a backup file or security zone, but I can not backup directly to DVD-R disk. I have a LG GSA 4081B DVD writer. The program treated it as a CD writer.
I can use this program to backup something to CD-R, but not DVD. I want it be one DVD instead of a pile of CDs.
Later I found another build of this program, build 3832. I installed it on server.
Bingo! I can recognize my DVD writer correctly. Now I backup one data partition to one piece of DVD-R.
I feel safe now.
When I move to Linux Server, I will not warry about this issue. The door to Open Source world is open.

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