I always keep a copy of EVEREST Home Edition in my computer, which is a freeware for testing and checking from very basic hardware to low level operating system.
The version of my copy is V1.51.195. It works good in my desktop now.
Today, when I go to Lavalys, the over of the EVEREST, I found it is discontinued. They give up the freeware market, or they think the commercial market can give them more. I respect their right, although I don’t agree them at all.
Ok, let’s see what they said:

Lavalys leaves freeware development
Press Release | 2005-12-05
Lavalys announced today that it leaves the freeware market by halting the development of its EVEREST Home Edition (the successor of AIDA32) system diagnosis product.
Lavalys leaves freeware development efforts dedicating all resources to its EVEREST commercial products line
LAVAL, CANADA – December 5, 2005 – After 10 years of active development and presence in the freeware market, EVEREST Home Edition (the successor of AIDA32) is being discontinued on December 1, 2005 however, all online content related to freeware products are removed from our website already. Lavalys will continue to support this product for all users until March 2006, we will not be actively developing any new features or functionality going forward. Support is available only from our Online Community Forum.
The success of our commercial products has played a major role and somehow forced our decision to leave the freeware market and dedicate all our resources to speed up development and support for our customers says Roger Marion.

Based on Lavalys license, I can not put my copy here for downloading. If you want to find it on the internet, it is still easy.
Try Google everest home edition.
I always would like to introduce some freeware. Today is not good day, I found a retired freeware.

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