I have been using Backblaze B2 Storage for fifteen days. In the beginning, the data was not stable. I changed the settings multiple times. The Backblaze backend reporting is kind of delayed or 48 hours round.

Today, I will recheck the storage usage by different tools and reporting pages.

Mastodon Reporting

Mastodon > Administration > Dashboard

Media storage 805 MB

Tootctl command tool

mastodon@instance-20230911-1538:~/live/bin$ ./tootctl media usage
Attachments:    306.2 MB (47.4 MB local)
Custom emoji:   96.3 MB (269.8 KB local)
Preview cards:  16.9 MB
Avatars:        229.6 MB (19.4 KB local)
Headers:        156.1 MB (85.5 KB local)
Backups:        0 字节
Imports:        0 字节
Settings:       289.6 KB

The total is about 805MB

Awscl tool

Total Objects: 14042
Total Size: 933.2 MiB

Backblaze B2 Bucket information

Go to B2 Cloud Storage > Buckets, and check the bucket’s current information.

Current Files: 14,949
Current Size: 1.3 GB

Backblaze  B2 Caps & Alerts

Go to B2 Cloud Storage, Caps & Alerts, and check the Daily Storage Caps.

About 1GB.

Backblaze Reports

Go to B2 Cloud Storage > Reports.

The monthly avg GB stored is 3.9GB.


Here I would like to quote the Backblaze support’s answer.

Likely for the Bucket lists, it has not reflected files that have been deleted quite yet, dependent on Lifecycle rules.
Reports is your monthly average, it most likely means you uploaded something recently that changed this average.
Daily storage is how much is currently in the bucket as of today, again it has yet to delete the multiple versions via Lifecycle rules.

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