It is almost 2024.

We have the Jiaozi (Dumplin) for dinner. Everyone in my family does it together.

I prepared the stuffing. Mainly are ground pork 500g,   Napa cabbage 1500g.

Chopped napa, and pressed them to get off the water. Mix it with pork and add two eggs, white petter, one tablespoon of cooking oil, salt, and a teaspoon of sesame oil.


My wife, Vivian, prepares the dough, about 1000g of all-purpose flour.

Cut the dough into small pieces. Each 11g.

My daughter, Grace,  rolled out the small piece of dumpling skin. Vivian rolled it too.

I wrapped the dumpling.

Not very big. We like the size of one bit.

My little son, Gabriel cooked dumplings under his sister, Gloria’s supervision.

Totally 144 dumplings.

As a Shandong people, we have dumplings for dinner when any one festival.

Happy New Year 2024. We are here.


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