Today, when I checked the old emails of my second Gmail account, I saw an email with an update notice. I started to use Matomo on this blog in May 2023.

Matomo Analytics 5.0 is here

What’s new?
* Strengthened security: Enhanced protection further secures your data.
* Faster insights: Improved query performance means quicker access to analytics.
* Improved compatibility: Further support and compatibility-related improvements for PHP versions 8.1, 8.2 and the latest 8.3, so Matomo remains at the forefront of technology.
* Modernised front-end: Transitioned to Vue.js, paving the way for future improvements.
* Enhanced accessibility: Added new icons, clearer notifications, and proper link underlines in URLs for a better user experience.

Oh, it is a new one, I am going to update my installation.

Look at the old UI, version 4.15.1

I can just click the button  “NEW UPDATE: MATOMO 5.0.0”. It is promoted I can update it automatically.

So, I click the left button to start the update.

Then, click “Continue to Matomo”.

The update program said ” Database Upgrade Required”. I have to do it in the command line mode.

Get into the SSH window, run the command

php /home/bing/ core:update

Look at the new Matomo v5 dashboard.


Based on the comparison of Dec and Nov 2023.

December 2023 4,590 visits, -11.1% 4,159 unique visitors -11.4%
November 2023 5,161 visits, 4,695 unique visitors

Visits and UV decreased by over 10%. It is not good.

December 2023 38s average visit duration +11.8%
November 2023 34s average visit duration

Duration, the time the user stays on my blog increased by over 10%. It is good.

January 2024 is the month of Blogging. I will post more blog posts than before. I plan to publish one post each day. Let me see if I can stick with my plan.  You know, the plan is always changed or failed at the last.

But this time, I want to make it.

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