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Dolphins in Vancouver Aquarium

My Mom, my wife, two daughters, Grace and Gloria and I, went to Vancouver Aquarium last week. It is cold.

It is not best time to go to aquarium, just because of the weather. But it is perfect that we can go out with the person we love.

We took a lot of pictures. Look, it is dolphins show in Vancouver Aquarium.



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Make a donation to Covenant House for Street Youth

Last week, I received a letter from Covenant House, signed by Sister Nancy Brown. It is a Charity organization.
When I was reading the letter, I feel bad about Kaylee. She is a homeless kid. Ran away when 16.
I make a donation to Covenant House for Street Youth.
You know, youth is the future of our country. We have to protect them. Raise them and Make them valuable to the society.
Here are some Statics of Street Youth in Vancouver

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