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It is Fall in Vancouver

We went to Oakridge Mall last week. I still remember the feelling when we stepped on this land about five years ago. We resided in my aunt’s house for three monthes. It is close to the Oakridge Mall. We always walked there to buy foods. Last week, I took a photo on the back entrance

How to prepare your business travel

When you prepare your business travel, you may need your laptop. There are some tips for you. If you travel without your Laptops: Set up guest PCs in your branch offices for on-the-go employee. Transport data on thumb-drive storage devices. Make enterprie apps accessible by Web browser. Use SSL VPN connections for temporary PCs to

Work like a donkey

Have you seen this before? A donkey with a mask is working so hard. It never say NO. This photo was taken in someplace in China. The current Chinese government also want the people work like a donkey. Great FireWall is a big mask for Internet users of China. If you can not see, you

Internet user license

Google has a wonderful free service, Google Video. It is not so perfect in the World. I saw a funny video clip yesterday. So I send this link to my Chinese friends. They told me that they can not see it. Error message is “This service is not available in your Country”. That means Google