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What about a 10th Anniversary

I read this post, I Struggle and Emerge: 10th Anniversary, today. Of course, I am shocked. They married in a appliance store.
An amazing thing in this era, keep a marriage for 10 years. It is a great excuse to celebrate it.
If it is only one year or two years, I may say it shamefacedly.
I would like to say, Congratulation to Kari and H.
What about us, V and me. We will also get close to the 10th Anniversary.
I think it is a good idea to see the restaurant where we had the wedding party in Shanghai. We will go to Shanghai with our two beautiful daughters, Grace and Gloria.
For marriage, where or when to get married is not important. The important thing is how long you can live together.

How to exchange the Blog link

I am noticed that a guy left a comment on my blog. He asked to exchange the links with me to his blog, and gave me his site information.
I checked his blog. There is no link to me.
It looks so funny.
A person ask another one to swap links, but have not set the link in advance. How does he think?
Let me list the requirement of link exchange rule of my blog.

You want to exchange the link to me. So you should prepare your link to my Blog in your site before send your request. If I review your site and feel comfortable to link back to you, I will inform you. If I don’t, I will also let you know.

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China developing “real name system” for blogs

In the recent days, a piece of news is going across the Chinese blogs.
China is developing “Real Name System” for blogs
I think nothing can be more ugly than it. The gov. said over 50% people support this system. Nobody tells you how they calculate this figure. Maybe just in their mind. Normally I call them hit the head to get the figure.
This is a big news for blogs. Keso has his own point to argue against it.
Even in the WebmasterWorld, it has been a featured post.

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It is Fall in Vancouver

We went to Oakridge Mall last week. I still remember the feelling when we stepped on this land about five years ago.
We resided in my aunt’s house for three monthes. It is close to the Oakridge Mall. We always walked there to buy foods.
Last week, I took a photo on the back entrance of the mall. Nothing is changed.

The first place we lived in Canada.

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How to prepare your business travel

When you prepare your business travel, you may need your laptop. There are some tips for you.
If you travel without your Laptops:

Set up guest PCs in your branch offices for on-the-go employee.
Transport data on thumb-drive storage devices.
Make enterprie apps accessible by Web browser.
Use SSL VPN connections for temporary PCs to ensure security. SSL performs a disconnection cleanup so work history is automatically scrubbed from borrowed PCs.
Carry a cell phone and PDA. Even if they’re relegated to checked baggage, they have a better chance of going undamaged.

What about you travel with Laptops

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Work like a donkey

Have you seen this before?
A donkey with a mask is working so hard. It never say NO.
This photo was taken in someplace in China.
The current Chinese government also want the people work like a donkey.
Great FireWall is a big mask for Internet users of China.
If you can not see, you will focus on the Job. If you can not think, you will trust everything the CP said.

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Internet user license

Google has a wonderful free service, Google Video. It is not so perfect in the World.
I saw a funny video clip yesterday. So I send this link to my Chinese friends. They told me that they can not see it. Error message is “This service is not available in your Country”. That means Google Video is not open to every country. It has a list. China is on it.
My friend also told me that sometimesthey can not use Google Search either.
My understanding is Chinese has a limited world, a part of world. Who made it?
I got a bad news related to Chongqing, one of the biggest city in China. The city authority ruled that everyone used the internet must be registered. It looks for car. You need a driver license. Why we need a internet license to use internet.

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