Internet user license

Google has a wonderful free service, Google Video. It is not so perfect in the World.
I saw a funny video clip yesterday. So I send this link to my Chinese friends. They told me that they can not see it. Error message is “This service is not available in your Country”. That means Google Video is not open to every country. It has a list. China is on it.
My friend also told me that sometimesthey can not use Google Search either.
My understanding is Chinese has a limited world, a part of world. Who made it?
I got a bad news related to Chongqing, one of the biggest city in China. The city authority ruled that everyone used the internet must be registered. It looks for car. You need a driver license. Why we need a internet license to use internet.

The world is not fair, but I can imaging this one.
I am lucky because I stay in Canada.
I cannot say anymore on it.
Zip your lips. Officer said.

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