What’s the relationship between the position in search results and when you post crawled?
I trust time is the very important fact affect the position in search results.
If there are two similar pages in the different sites, the early one will get high position.
So the copying may help someone make a content-rich site. I called it a junk site, which has some not fresh news.
Come back to my topic, timing. The earlier you post, the better position you get.
The most big problem is the Copyright.

For this issue, I excerpt some to review:

Copyright infringement
When someone duplicates the content on your site, it may cause your pages to be filtered out of search results. A site like copyscape may help you find some of these pages. Searching for unique strings of text on your pages, in quotation marks, may help uncover others.

Try this site, http://www.copyscape.com
It will help you.

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