There are facts of Burnaby Douglas Riding.
English: 50,820
French: 970
Non-official Languages: 57,125
Immigrants: 52,475
Non Citizen: 12,740
It is not clear who will win in this riding.
NDP or Con?
Bill Siksay or Ronald Leung?
It is 21:30 PST now.
Bill Siksay to Ronald Leung is 14,521to 14,405. Very close.
I will update this page when the final result come.
Update: Final results is NDP win this seat.
Bill Siksay is MP again.
Liberal Bill Cunningham 9,177 19.4 19.4%
Communist George Gidora 205 0.4 0.4%
Conservative Ronald Leung 17,139 36.3 36.3%
Green Party Doug Perry 2,822 6.0 6.0%
NDP-New Democratic Party Bill Siksay 17,937 37.9 37.9%
Total number of valid votes: 47,280

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