Magic n Miracles for Burnaby Fire Fighter

Vivian, Grace, Gloria and me have wonderful time yesterday afternoon. We went to Michael J. Fox Theatre to watch the magical show.
A month ago, it is a dinner time. I got a phone call from the Burnaby Fire Fighters Charitbale Society. She asked for a donation or a magic show for The Fire Fighters Charitable Fund. I was thinking about it just a second and made the decision. I purchased four tickets around $50. Later they sent me the tickets and I mailed cheque to them.
I’d like to support our Fire Fighters. They do what they can do to protect our community, protect our property, and save the people.
I bought the tickets, the money will go to the charitable fund.
It was light rain. A firetruck parking outside of the theatre. Some fire fighters were giving some toy firefighter hat, and booklets.
The show is wonderful. I have never seen this before in the theatre. I just wath magic show on TV.
My daughters like magic show.
The show is provided by Magic ‘n Miracles.
Two hours show. After one hour, it is a break. Both Grace and Gloria get a white cat toy from the firefighters.
This is the 14th Annual Firefighters Magic Show. I think we will go for this Magic Show every year.

Murray Hatfield and Teresa Midbo are Canada’s master illusionists.
They also has three guest illusionists.
David Kaplan, I can not find any information on the Internet.
Juliana Chen, Chinese. The video below is almost same.

Darcy Oake, international magic champion, official site.
Thanks to these magicians for the perfect magic show. And also thanks to Burnaby Fire Fighters.

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