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City of Burnaby Web Site SSL issue was fixed

When I wrote my last post about the SSL issue of Burnaby City Website, I made a tweet and @cityofburnaby. They replied me on second day.

The official account of CityofBurnaby said the information has been forwarded to their IT team for review.

burnaby city site SSL issue

I thought my job is done. As a residence of Burnaby, I just have duty to help our city be noticed the issue.

Two days after that, @cityofburnaby send me another notice and said their IT team has applied the needed fix. The error is now resolved for Chrome browser on cell phones.

cityofburnaby SSL issue fixed

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Web site of Burnaby City has SSL error

It is an error. When I enter the url of Burnaby City hall at Chrome browser on my cellphone, it displayed with error.

Red crossing line on the https. It said Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from


2015-12-21 16.18.52

It is OK when I browse the site on desktop. It looks normal.

I use SSLLABS server tool to check the certificate installation.

The report said it has a certificate chain issues: missing intermediate certificate. Continue reading “Web site of Burnaby City has SSL error”

Grace’s drawing in Burnaby Art Gallery

There is a art exhibition starting from April 19 to May19, 2013. Arts Alive 2013: Memories of Place

The Burnaby Art Gallery is pleased to present the annual Arts Alive showcase at the historic Ceperley Mansion. “Memories of Place” marks this year’s theme and features works by elementary students in Grades Kindergarten to 7 from across Burnaby School District #41. A selection of student paintings, drawings and sculptures from each school will be on display in the main gallery. An online exhibition of all student artworks can be viewed on ourĀ flicker website.

My elder daughter, Grace’s drawing has been chosen.


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Cartoon Key from Victory Trophies Store

It is the second day of school. I was thinking about to prepare the keys for my daughters. Today, I went to Victory Trophies Store. It is close to my house.
I talked to the lady in the store. She said the store is here for 30 years. I saw a lot of trophies in display.
Two keys are picked. One is Garfield, the other one is a Guitar.

One key is perfect OK. The other one is not working.
I bring the key back to the store. The lady tried to fixed and it is still not working.

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DIY: Make a Barbie Dollhouse

My daughters, Grace and Gloria, have more than forty barbies. I am always thinking about a Barbie dollhouse.
I don’t like the one from Toys R US, which is made by paper or very thin wood.
I like wood one. Maybe I can make it by myself. One day, I dream it like this.
Google the dollhouse and found some link as below:
Free Plans for Doll Houses and Sources for Dollhouse Plans in Several Scales
Barbie Dollhouse Plan Traditional
barbie dollhouse plans

Barbie Dollhouse Plans Book One

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Magic n Miracles for Burnaby Fire Fighter

Vivian, Grace, Gloria and me have wonderful time yesterday afternoon. We went to Michael J. Fox Theatre to watch the magical show.
A month ago, it is a dinner time. I got a phone call from the Burnaby Fire Fighters Charitbale Society. She asked for a donation or a magic show for The Fire Fighters Charitable Fund. I was thinking about it just a second and made the decision. I purchased four tickets around $50. Later they sent me the tickets and I mailed cheque to them.
I’d like to support our Fire Fighters. They do what they can do to protect our community, protect our property, and save the people.
I bought the tickets, the money will go to the charitable fund.
It was light rain. A firetruck parking outside of the theatre. Some fire fighters were giving some toy firefighter hat, and booklets.
The show is wonderful. I have never seen this before in the theatre. I just wath magic show on TV.
My daughters like magic show.
The show is provided by Magic ‘n Miracles.
Two hours show. After one hour, it is a break. Both Grace and Gloria get a white cat toy from the firefighters.
This is the 14th Annual Firefighters Magic Show. I think we will go for this Magic Show every year.

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