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Another VOIP service provider – SmartVoip

From VoipStunt to poivY. Now I start to use SmartVoip. These three service providers are same compony with different name. And I also think they use same user database. Because when I try to use same name of VoipStunt on Poivy, it show me that the user name is taken by other people. They all

China is not Free any more

I use Voipstunt over 9 months. Always feel good for its service. One issue makeing me not happy is it changed country list of free call without email the notice to user. Ok. I check the call history. Phone calls to China are charged 0.7 cent per minute. USA is still free. I may change

New look of DNS Stuff

I used DNS Stuff very often. It is a handy tool for network. Such as Reverse DNS lookup, WHOIS Lookup, DNS Report, etc. It changed UI to new look. Web 2.0 like face. Use DNS report, I can easily recognize the setting of my DNS server of my domain. I can fix the bugs if

Try Google Docs & Spreadsheets

I noticed Google Docs & Spreadsheets the day before yesterday. Now the news is comming to say, Better together: Docs & Spreadsheets I think it is worth to try. Here is its own official Blog. Google had Spreadsheets before. Google has Docs & Spreadsheets now. Google will have Offic in future.

Voipstunt has a new no expire Credit policy

Voipstunt.com released its new credit policy. There will be no more expiry dates for credit. Say you buy $15.00 credit and have 120 Freedays. It means you can call all destinations marked as “Free” in 120 days for free. And after 120 days, you still have $15.00 in your account. Now you can use this

Focus on your Domain and Content

Google just inform us that it can provide the Google Apps for Domain. You only need to get these free services. It provide Email, Chat, Calendar,Domain web pages . To setup Email, you need to change your DNS setting to use Google’s service. Such as MX records. I entered one of my Domain name, FreeinOutBoard.com.