I noticed Google Docs & Spreadsheets the day before yesterday. Now the news is comming to say, Better together: Docs & Spreadsheets
I think it is worth to try.
Here is its own official Blog.
Google had Spreadsheets before.
Google has Docs & Spreadsheets now.
Google will have Offic in future.

Let’s list itmes I concerned.
1) file uploaded is limited to 500KB.
2) I try to transfer my document as attachment by email. It’s looks OK, but no content inside.
3) It supports to publish the doc to Blog, but without Category.
Some good things:
It supports 19 Blog Systems, if you host your own blog server.
It supports 6 famous blog services providers.
When more than one people work on one files, it is very helpful with the Collaborate tool.
Communicated real-time.

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