It is 2016, your website must be SSL encrypted. Now, you have questions, how about my server and how about my SSL installation? This is the answer to this question. You must try these five free tools to test, check, analyse your https website.

No.1 SSLShopper

It is an SSL checker. Enter server hostname and click check SSL button. It will give you the brief results, including server type, certificate CA, expiration day, etc.



No.2 Symantec CryptoReport

It is a powerful tool with good design. The result is more and it is the only one can tell you how many certificates installed. Look at below, the report said, I have RSA and ECC certificates installed.  The report

The report has following information:

  • Certificate is installed correctly.
  • Certificate chain installation part.
  • Server configuration:(Server type, IP, Port, Protocols, Cipher suites, etc.)


No.3 Comodo SSL Analyzer

It is provided by Comodo.  The Analyzer can tell you a lot of certificate information, such as subject name, serial number, fingerprint, valid period, key type, signature, issuer name, validation type, OCSP stapling, server type, IP address, port number, protocol version, cipher suites, etc.


No.4 DigiCert SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool

Digicert has good documentation. But this is a tool. Maybe not too good. The diagnostics results display server type, SSL certificate basic information, revoked or not, expiration date, certificate chain, protocol support, ciphers, etc. I found the certificate chain testing may not update for a server with two certificates.



No.5 Qualys SSL Labs Server Test

Qualys SSL labs is one of the best tools. I talked it a lot of times. Now I just give the screenshot and link below.




At the last, if you want I make some recommend from above, I have to say, Symantec and Qualys provide best tools.


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