I search the phrases with double quotes. The results shown below.
The test is happen at 10:40 AM PST, Feb., 10, 2006.
Search “Great Firewall”
Google.cn returns 106,000 hits (0.42 seconds )
Google.com returns 498,000 hits (0.23 seconds)
Search “falun gong”
Google.cn returns 11,700 hits.
Google.com returns 2,270,000 hits.
Search “intel inside”
Google.cn returns 975,000 hits.
Google.com retuns 3,000,000 hits.

Search “baidu”
Google.cn returns 4,230,000 hits.
Google.com returns 2,550,000 hits.
Search “超女”
Google.cn returns 6,500,000 hits
Google.com returns 6,330,000 hits.
When I remove the double quotes of Chinese word, Google.com won. It always returns more results.

I searched these five phrase. I think Google.cn does good job for Government China. Google.cn also does more job for Chinese words. Its filter is strong than anthing.
If the people live in mainland can not use Google.com to search whatever they want, the world of them is smaller than others.
The amount of search results can say something. Anyone have time and know some chinese, can repeat this test.

David Yin

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