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Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Chairs

Transitioning from an ordinary office chair to a dedicated gaming chair is an investment of a lifetime. It means that you’re not only focusing on your comfort, but also on your health. In the same way you assemble the best gaming components for the best experience, so should you invest in a chair that matches the gaming PC build.

The ideal gaming chair is determined by several factors, most importantly, user comfort and wellbeing in the long run. Chairs come in different modes focused on either height, width, and supported weight. With the variety of gaming and office chairs in the market, pick one that delivers utmost quality in terms of the above mentioned factors, without necessarily paying top dollar for your acquisition. So, what should you consider before buying that gaming chair?

Height – The height of a chair determines the ultimate level of comfort you will enjoy while sitting on the chair. The best height is where the user can comfortably place their feet on the floor without hanging, and his knees are near-level with the sitting space of the chair.

Modern chairs are designed to allow users to adjust to their convenient heights, therefore, it is important to establish that the adjusting capacity is well within your comfortable height before buying.

Comfort – Comfort when sitting is such a broad prospect. A chair that is not within the required height is considered an uncomfortable chair, but there are other elements of comfort that need to be checked as well.

Buy a chair that is made with high-density foam, and preferably of pure leather. Pure leather makes your chair soft and incredibly appealing in appearance.

Flexibility – When choosing a gaming chair, the level of flexibility is paramount. The chair should give you the freedom you desire to adjust it to the required levels. At times you will need to rest your arms on the armrest, or recline the chair to a sleeping angle whenever you need to relax. Ensure that you check out some of these factors before making the purchase.

Design – The first thing that strikes you in a gaming chair is the design. Design refers to the positioning of different aspects of the chair, for example, how armrests are placed, the curve at the back, and the size and shape of each element. Creativity permits that designers can introduce new designs to the market, but primarily, ensure that you pick a design that is as appealing as it is comfortable.

Back support – Given, most gamers spend a lot of their time in a sitting position, it is important that you invest in a chair that offers a health support for your back. There are numerous health issues associated with sitting uncomfortably for long hours, therefore, ensure that the acquisition you make addresses the comfort of your back even when sitting for long hours.

Cost – From a business point of view, the cost of your gaming chair should not overshadow your other gaming equipment. However, invest wisely in a durable chair that provides comfort and safety for the user in the long run. Durable and well-designed chairs may attract high costs, but luckily a chair is a one-off purchase.

Microsoft Multilingual User Interface

A lot of pre-installed Windows XP on the new computers are English version.
Some of my friends know little English. They prefer Chinese.
So the question is how to convert the task bar and menu list of XP from English to Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.
The answer is Microsoft Multilingual User Interface (MUI).
MUI is an add-on to the English version of Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 family of operating systems, and will not install on localized versions of Windows XP/2000 or on Windows XP Home Edition. Every additional language installed will require approximately 115 MB extra disk space for Windows XP, 45MB for Windows 2000; East Asian language support requires an additional 250 MB.
Microsoft Office also has its own Multilingual User Interface. (Office MUI)
Office and Windows MUI Packs: Links to Resources

Powerpoint of Office 2007

Microsoft Office’s latest version is Office 2007, including Excel 2007, Word 2007, Outlook 2007, Powerpoint 2007, Access 2007 and Visio 2007. Plus Infopath 2007, Onenote 2007, Project 2007, Publisher 2007, Sharepoint Designer 2007. Click here, you can download the trial version.
Powerpoint 2007 is the presentation tool.
What’s New of PowerPoint 2007:

  • A new and intuitive look
  • Themes and Quick Styles
  • Custom slide layouts
  • Designer-quality SmartArt graphics
  • New and improved effects
  • New text options
  • Table and chart enhancements
  • Proofing Tools
  • Presenter view
  • Slide Libraries
  • PowerPoint XML file formats
  • Save as PDF or XPS
  • Secure your presentations
  • Prevent changes to a final version of a document
  • Find and remove hidden metadata and personal information in documents
  • Add a digital signature to your presentation
  • Information Rights Management
  • Manage document properties in the Document Information Panel
  • Office Diagnostics
  • Program Recovery

Powerpoint 2007 is a powerful tool to make a professional presentation without a lot of skills.
To make a better powerpoint, you still have to know what should not do.

eWeek Channel Products of the Year for 2006

The special report on eWeek, Vol. 24, No.19.
Let me post part of the list of these channel product for you and me. Just for reference.
Collabration Software: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
Desktop PCs: HP Compaq dc7700 Business PC
Disaster recovery/backup: Symantec Backup Exec 11
Disk storage: HP StorageWorks All-in-one storage system
Displays: ViewSonic VG2230wm Widescreen Graphic Series LCD Display
ERP suites: MySAP
Notebooks: Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet
Printers: HP Laser Jet 5200

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