It is a big upgrade for my router. There are four more versions between 22.1.9 and 22.7.3, which are 22.7 , 22.7.1 and 22.7.2. And also I received the notice of the end of life on 22.1.10.

So, I make the upgrade from 22.1 “Observant Owl” to 22.7 “Powerful Panther”.

I click the button “Check for updates” and get the upgrade page.

opnSense update notice


There are three sets of files that need to be upgraded. Base, Kernel, and packages.

About 922 MB downloading size and Reboot required(it is expected).

It took me a few minutes to download and upgrade.  The reboot took a while.

Confirm to upgrade


Oh, I forgot to mention that I did a backup of the configuration before going to the upgrade step. Just for caution. As a backup. I am not using the configuration file.

There is a lot of upgrading features on opnSense 22.7. Let me try to list them.

Base system
PHP 8.x upgrade
Phalcon upgrade
FreeBSD 13.1
Intel QuickAssist (QAT) support
Add stacked VLAN support (IEEE 802.1ad / QinQ)
Advanced DDos protection using syncookies
Configurable per rule adaptive timeouts
Unbound – migrate overrides to mvc enabling API support.


The next big upgrade version is 23.1 which will be released in January 2023

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