AwStats Upgrade

Awstats, or Advanced Web Statistics, has the latest stable version, 6.5 (build 1.857). Current version running on my statas site is 6.4 (build 1.814). It is about one year to wait the new version.
Ok, let’s show you how to upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5.
It is very simply and directly.
Step 1: Backup all files you have in the wwwroot. Just in case you want it.
Step 2: Download the file and decompress it.
Step 3 : Copy the files of wwwroot to overwrite the original files.
That’s all.

What about the new features and bug fixes?

New features/improvements:
– Tuning: is 30 times faster when merging a lot of log
files (1000) at same time (Thanks to Dan Armstrong).
– Added detection of linux and bsd distributions (redhat, mandriva, …)
Thanks for idea to Sean Carlos.
– Added option SkipReferrersBlackList to exlude records from SPAM referrers.
– New: RSS catcher/readers in robot database
– New: Add option databasebreak to force awstats to use a different database
history file for eache day or hour instead of month.
– New: geoip_cities plugin report the region when available.
– New: LevelForBrowsersDetection can accept value ‘allphones’ to use file instead of file for AWStats database. This
file is specialized in phone/pda browsers.
– Qual: geoip plugin now uses open instead of new to allow use of different
path for datafiles instead of default. This allow use of personalised path
for database file.
– New: LogFormat=2 can now change its value dynamically if logformat change.
– New: Add way to set ArchiveLogRecords with same tags than LogFile to add
suffix to archive log files.
– New: Add option SectionsToBeSaved (to ask AWStats to save only particular
– Added detection of epiphany and a lot of other new search engines and
robots (Thanks to
– awredir support any protocols (ftp, https…) not only http.
– Support in/out method in ftp detection.
– Update xsd files and fix xml support to have now a full support of xslt
transformations and xml validations.
– Added javabestart to browsers.

– Fixed: No more increase of Google search engine count when click came
from Gmail.
– Fixed: [ 1193698 ] Flash detection wrong ?
– Fixed: [ 1225425 ] Shiira gets recognized as Safari
– Fixed: [ 1232317 ] Missing javaws png file
– Fixed: [ 1236547 ] Acrobat 7 PDF detection
– Fixed: [ 1239677 ] Incorrect XML output
– Fixed: [ 1280667 ] Custom StyleSheet not used
– Fixed: [ 1301317 ] Patch for hashfiles plugin to work
– Fixed: [ 1305959 ] awstats-6.5 : parsing conf
– Fixed: [ 1306075 ] GNUTLS from Lynx mistaken for GNU Hurd
– Fixed: [ 1315969 ] German: message153
– Fixed: referer changes to referrer
– Fixed: [ 1111530 ] Missing description for %host_r in config file
– Fixed: [ 1124711 ] env __AWSTATS_CURRENT_CONFIG__ not expanded for include
– Fixed: [ 1172485 ] Invalid header characters for DOCTYPE
– Fixed: [ 1172494 ] Invalid XHTML in
– Fixed: [ 1173816 ] Config file mis-feature
– Fixed: [ 1218832 ] XML Strict error (with GeoIP plugin)
– Fixed: keyword detection for “advanced” search on google
– Added style=”display:none;” to image link for misc tracker.
– Changed stored permission in tar.gz file
– Fixed: Better support for gz and bz2 files
– Fixed: Added xhtml in mime types.
– Fixed: [ 1163590 ] XML parsing error
– Fixed: [ 1174728 ] version 6.4: XML parsing error
– Fixed: [ 1186582 ] Authentication problem in Windows NT/AD Domains
– Fixed: [ 1191805 ] Missing Bot: Add generic detection for user agent
bot bot/ and bot-
– Avoid bad cells if geoip country does not exists.
– Better compatibility of misc_tracker with firefox.
– Fixed: Dying process with geoip_city plugin when IP is unknown by plugin.
– Fixed: Add error message if option buildpdf option is used with parameter

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