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Upgrade Awstats to 7.3

I am using Advanced Web Statistics(Awstats) for many years. I haven’t upgrade my installation for a long time. Last time, I upgrade my Awstats to 7.1, is almost two years ago.

Now it is 7.3.

Let’s have a look at the changes since Awstats 7.1


***** 7.3 *****

New features:
- Add command line option -version
- Better error management of geoip modules.
- Update domains, robots and search engines database:
- #877 Windows 8 + iOS Support in AWStats
- Detection of 8.1 and IE11.

- When using builddate option of script awstats_buildstaticpages,
  static link is wrong.
- Restore detection of Opera browsers versions.
- #838 GeoIP Cities page doesnt work.
- Add missing icons.
- #881 Avoid warning mixed http/https with module graphgooglechartapi.
- #918 $MinHit{'Host'} rather than $MinHit{'Login'} used in sub HTMLShowLogins.
- Move version system to sourceforge Git instead of CVS.

***** 7.2 *****

New features:
- Upgrade licence to GPL v3+.
- Update documentation.
- Support modCloudFlareIIS.

- Since updating Webmin to 1.53, the Add New Config File screen layout is
  totally messed up and unusable.
- Update broken links to maxmind.

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How to change configuration of Awstats in Lxadmin

Lxadmin treat Awstats in different way.
The individual configuration file of particular domain or site is located
These files are rebuild ever time the batch file update the Awstats report.
Lxadmin uses a template file here.
If you want to change config of the Awstats file, you have to change the template file.

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Install Awstats on Ubuntu 6.10 server

I have Awstats on Windows box. I also have some posts about how to install it and config it.
Now I am a Ubuntu fans. I will show you how to install Awstats on Ubuntu server 6.10.
1) Under command line mode, or putty.
2) apt-get install awstats
This command is install Awstats. Currently it is v6.5.
3) Edit configuration file, it is located /etc/awstats/
cp awstats.conf awstats.yourhostname.conf
Change something to reflect your own settings.


4) Make a directory called /var/cache and chmod it 777 so it can be used from the web server

mkdir /var/cache
chmod 777 /var/cache

5) Copy icons to web directory:

cp -r /usr/share/awstats/icon /var/www/icon

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AWStats 6.6 is comming

AWStats is a very powerful log analysis tool.
I still remember last update for AWStats 6.5 half year ago.
First of all, let’s see the changes it bring in.
New features/improvements:
– All geoip plugins support the PurePerl version.
– Possible use of vhost in extra section.
– Support IPv6 in AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingIPAddresses parameter.
– Added svn family to browsers detection.
– Remove some Perl warnings.
– Remove lc() on translation strings.
– Not sanitized migrate parameter.
– Not sanitized urlxxx parameters that could be used for XSS attacks.
– Added AWStats version in stdout outputs.
– Updated some language files.
– Updated browsers database.
Compare with the last version 6.5, there is not many changes this time.
I will update my AWstats to-night.

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WGA is gone

There are so many searches for WGA Logon. I am not the expert in this area, hacker.
I just found a way to go around the WGA logon.
Yesterday I reviewed the Awstats (Advanced Web Statistics 6.5) statistics there is still a lot of visitors from everwhere, just for this solution.
The terms, “remove wga”, “how to remove wga”, or some other terms with this two words, always on top of the list of Search Keyphrases and Search Keywords lists.
That means some people still have this problem.

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AwStats Upgrade

Awstats, or Advanced Web Statistics, has the latest stable version, 6.5 (build 1.857). Current version running on my statas site is 6.4 (build 1.814). It is about one year to wait the new version.
Ok, let’s show you how to upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5.
It is very simply and directly.
Step 1: Backup all files you have in the wwwroot. Just in case you want it.
Step 2: Download the file and decompress it.
Step 3 : Copy the files of wwwroot to overwrite the original files.
That’s all.

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