“The faces of blanket WiFi in Canada”, article in the Hub Canada, reported that so many cities want to get blanket wireless internet access in Canada. It is not free, but easy to access.
Thinking about the WiFi plan in San Francisco, which is provided by Google and Earthlink. This is totally free and will cover all San Francisco only with 300Kbps.

Let’s come back to Canada. The first city in Canada has blanket WiFi is Fredericton, New Brunswick’s major businesses, commercial and acdemic sectors since 2003. Now Toronto is ready to have the better service by the end of 2006. Only in Toronto’s downtown core area.

A lot of devices can use WiFi. Such as laptop, PDA, VOIP phoneset.

The ideal utopia is Free WiFi service all around the world with basic speed and stable enough. If you want more security and more high speed internet access, you need to pay for it.

WiFi service will be one kind of utility of city. Like water, post service, hydro, etc, it is a public facility. Should be paid by TAX.
It is not so difficult. Install some equipment into all light poles in the street. Then every one can access the internet.

In the mean time, we still can find some free hot spot in Canada.
Here are some link to help you find the Hotspot.

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