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Network View tools

This is a handy tool, you’ll never need to draw out your own network. It automatically generates a network diagram for you within minutes. One of the usage is to find a hole of your wireless network. Or you can find a stranger in your network. It can be downloaded here. It is a kind

Blogging Resources

I am blogger. I like blogging. So, I want everyone can blog everyday. Let me introduce some good resources for Blog. Blog Hosts: http://www.blogger.com/start www.livejournal.com www.typepad.com www.xanga.com Blog Server software: Host yourself www.sixapart.com/movabletype I recommand MovableType. I use it over 3 years. See https://www.yinfor.com/ www.wordpress.com Audioblog Services: www.audioblogger.com www.audioblog.com www.audblog.com


Preface. I wrote Diskeeper 10.0 on February 19, 2006 to recommand this product. Later on March, Richard Moskowitz, contacted me from Raxco Software, Inc. whose main product is PerfectDisk. He suggested me to review their PerfectDisk 7 to get more broader choices in defrag tools. It is a good idea. I accepted it. Test bed.

Diskeeper 10.0

I tried a lot of disk optimization tools. I recommend Diskeeper 10.0 for the current market because of its advanced features. The version I tested is Diskeepre 10 Professional Premier, which has Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) . Let me introduce some for this product. Targeted performance for your most demanding users Your

Web-Based Tools

2013.08.29 Update: All links below are updated. When you use the Internet or weaver some webpages, some tools are must have. This is the site of Peter Forret. 1) FORRET TOOLS You will find following handy tools: Color converter: convert RGB to CMYK/HSV color spaces HTML convert convert special chârãçtérs to valid encoded HTML HTTP

Change File Date

Found a good place, where a lot of freeware can be downloaded. Small and perfect. This is FileDate Changer, only 20,710 bytes, around 21KB. Download file The site is NirSoft. Go there, you will find freeware utilities.

VisualRoute Personal Edition

Ever wondered who’s behind those attacks on your firewall? VisualRoute will find out for you. I used this software long time ago. It tells the host by ip address. And it also shows the route from your computer to the host. Download search

Tune Up Your Windows XP Machine

Stan Miastkowski From the June 2004 issue of PC World magazine Windows reminds me all too often of those finicky foreign sports cars of decades past. If you don’t spend time tweaking, maintaining, and tuning it, it tends to run a little rough. A lot goes on under the hood to keep your XP-based PC