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Blogging Resources

I am blogger. I like blogging.
So, I want everyone can blog everyday.

Let me introduce some good resources for Blog.
Blog Hosts:

Blog Server software: Host yourself
I recommand MovableType. I use it over 3 years. See

Audioblog Services:

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Data Recovery in Dynamic Volume

I do some search in the data recovery tools. Not for regular one. I need a tool which can recover the data in a dynamic volume.
This is a harddisk used in the Windows 2003 Server. I have two disks with RAID 1 as mirror.
Because of the power failure, the disk are damaged and can not be booted.
I can not even access the data in the dynamic volume.
Here are two tools I downloaded and tried last Sunday.
Data Recovery Wizard Professional 3.0 and Restorer2000 PRO 3.0
They all support dynamic volume recovery.
I just tried one disk and not for the completed test. I used the DEMO version only.
I feld the restorer 2000 Pro 3.0 is much quicker than Data Recovery Wizard Pro when scan the disk.
In the DEMO version, Restorer 2000 Pro can recover files with size up to 128 kb and preview all graphic, video and audio files even if their size is bigger than 128 kb.
If you just want to recover the small files, you don’t need to buy them. Restorer 2000 Pro is good for you.

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I wrote Diskeeper 10.0 on February 19, 2006 to recommand this product.
Later on March, Richard Moskowitz, contacted me from Raxco Software, Inc. whose main product is PerfectDisk. He suggested me to review their PerfectDisk 7 to get more broader choices in defrag tools.
It is a good idea. I accepted it.
Test bed.
I get a PerfectDisk NFR(not for resale) and install it in a windows 2000 box.
Windows 2000 pro sp4
1 GB ram
P4 2.4GHz
Intel 845 Chipset
Western Digital WD400BB
PerfectDisk 7

Word before Test Result
My test is not completed and the environment is not representative. I donot expect other person will get similar result even with the similar hardware, because I installed over 80 different software on this Windows, you may not.

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Diskeeper 10.0

I tried a lot of disk optimization tools. I recommend Diskeeper 10.0 for the current market because of its advanced features.

The version I tested is Diskeepre 10 Professional Premier, which has Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) .
Let me introduce some for this product.
Targeted performance for your most demanding users
Your organization has spent thousands of dollars on powerful workstations for your power users. Not only does Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition keep them running at top speed, but it actually gives these systems improved performance above defragmentation alone, for your user’s most important tasks. How is that possible? The answer lies with new breakthrough I-FAAST™ technology, exclusive to Diskeeper 10.
Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) improves file access and creation by up to 80% (average 10%-20%). Using specially-engineered benchmarks Diskeeper learns disk performance characteristics, and then transparently monitors volumes over time for file access frequency applying proprietary techniques to prevent Diskeeper from being “fooled” by files that have been recently accessed. During special I-FAAST defragmentation jobs, Diskeeper organizes the most commonly used files and applications to increase file access performance. Like other intelligent technologies featured in Diskeeper 10, I-FAAST can automatically adapt to changing usage patternsso there’s no need to reconfigure if the system is transferred to another user.

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Web-Based Tools

2013.08.29 Update: All links below are updated.
When you use the Internet or weaver some webpages, some tools are must have.
This is the site of Peter Forret.
You will find following handy tools:
Color converter: convert RGB to CMYK/HSV color spaces
HTML convert convert special chârãçtérs to valid encoded HTML
HTTP Analyzer: check HTTP headers
Speed Analyzer: check your connection speed to different continents

Tune Up Your Windows XP Machine

Stan Miastkowski
From the June 2004 issue of PC World magazine
Windows reminds me all too often of those finicky foreign sports cars of decades past. If you don’t spend time tweaking, maintaining, and tuning it, it tends to run a little rough. A lot goes on under the hood to keep your XP-based PC running smoothly; but as you add, update, and delete software and data files, things can get sluggish. XP’s built-in tweaking tools can boost your PC’s performance.
Windows XP has fewer built-in tools than earlier versions of Windows, though the tools available are more full-featured. Other more-sophisticated and automatic tune-up tools can be found in various suites and stand-alone utilities, as discussed in “The Trouble-Free PC.” But if you’re frugal, their cost (up to $90) may give you pause. XP’s built-in tools, along with a few free add-ons, should be sufficient for most users and most situations.
If you’re using an earlier version of Windows, consult “Get a Free Tune-Up for Your Windows PC.” And if you’re up for a more extensive overhaul, check out “Optimize Your PC for Faster Start-Up Times” first.

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