Sometimes I need to flash the mother-board BIOS from DOS. Actually now I have not tools can boot the PC to DOS. There is no floppy disk driver on it. I can only make a DOS bootable USB disk to do the job.

So I have the USB disk on hand. It is 2GB, the smallest capacity one I have.

The method to make a bootable USB disk is a little bit different from the one I blogged 6 years ago.


1) Download flash tools – HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool (Please google it and find the download link by yourself)

2) Download DOS package , named Win98 boot. (Also try to google it)

3) Decompress these two file.

How to make a Bootable USB Disk

1. Install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, which I downloaded above,  and run the program.
2. Select the Device, I am using device O, and the File system, Fat32,  from the drop down menus.
3. Check the checkbox of Create a DOS startup disk, choose the location of the folder I unzipped above of DOS package.
4. Select the circle on the top that says create New or Replace Existing Configuration. Click Next.
5. Click Start
6. Click Finish


Then the bootable disk is ready to use. I insert it into one PC and power up. I have configed the boot sequence to USB, CD-ROM, HDD.

Then I saw the dos prompt came.

To flash the MB BIOS, I download the latest BIOS file from DELL website. decompress the file and copy them into USB disk.

I boot the Dell PC with this USB disk, run the command to flash the BIOS. It is I537A03.exe

After that, unplug the USB disk, reboot the PC. Press F2 to go into CMOS setting, load the default and save exit. Then All done.

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