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LG IPS 24MP56HQ Monitor

I bought a new monitor at Costco. LG IPS monitor MP56.

The specifications:

  • Screen Size  23.8″
  • Panel Type AH-IPS
  • Color Depth 16.7M colors
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Screen resolution 1920X1080
  • Brightness 250cd/m2
  • Response Time 5ms
  • Contrast Ratio- DFC  5M:1
  • Viewing Angle 178
  • Surface Treatment Anti-Glare, 3H

Two Inputs: D-Sub and HDMI



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Add a new type of Worksheet at is a free math worksheet download site for seven years. There are  a lot of worksheet can be custimized for kids. With answersheet or without answersheet. These worksheets are pdf format, you can download it, print it or save it.

Yesterday, I add a new type of worksheet, Long Division.

Long division is usually used when the divisor is at least two digits long and the dividend is at least 3 digits long. Unlike short division, all the working out are written out in full below the dividing line.

Look at the questions:

Long Division Questions


The answer sheet provides the details of it.



The pdf format of this example can be download here.

If you need one, just go to our math worksheet custimization site to get your own copy for FREE.

How to flash the original ROM on LG P500h

Here is a record of how I flash my LG P500h android phone to the original Telus ROM.  You may use it as a reference, not a guide.



1. Download the KDZ. It is V20A for Telus in Canada.

2. Google and install the LG USB drivers if you don’t have it.

3. Download and install LG Mobile Support Tool

4. Download the FlashTools. (The link is broken.)

Use Premium download, if you want to download them faster.

How to Falsh the original ROM

1. Extract the “Flashtool” folder on the desktop, or where you want. Open the folder “Flashtool.1.0.54”.


2. Turn off the phone and connect it to the PC with the USB cable. Turn on the phone then.

3. Go back to Flashtool folder and run as administrator WindowsEnabler.exe. Go to the bar at the bottom right, and click once with the left mouse button over the icon of WindowsEnabler, so that appears the “On”message.


4. Now run as administrator UpTestEX.exe and do the following:

-Select the .KDZ file that you want to flash

-Set “3GQCT”

-Set PhoneMode “EMERGENCY”

Once done, click “Normal web upgrade test”


5. In the next window click “Upgrade Start”


6. Wait a few seconds an a new window will pop up.

– Click “Clear phone Software update Registry”

– Select different country if you’re not in Korea. Yes I select it because I am in Canada.

– Select Language as English

– Click OK


After this the LG flashing tool should start analyzing your phone and flashing the .KDZ

Once done you can detatch the USB cable and see if the phone boots up. However it will probably bootloop. In this case follow the Hard Reset Procedure below.

Hard Reset Procedure

The phone has to be off. Hold Volume – AND Power , a message will show up confirming the factory reset. Press Power Button twice , than wait. It will auto reboot.

Or, you may remove the MicroSD card, then power on the phone.

The main part of the guide is from the forum at

StudioTax 2013 is now available

I use StudioTax to prepare my Tax Return for many years.  Actually from 2007.

StudioTax is free for everyone.  Let me quote it as below.  I recommend it.

StudioTax 2013 is the next version to prepare and file the 2013 (due by April 30, 2014) federal and provincial income tax returns including Quebec provincial returns.

StudioTax is FREE regardless of income

StudioTax 2013 and prior versions are only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

As always, StudioTax is made available FREE for personal use and regardless of level of income. NO questions asked, NO registration, NO key, and NO activation.

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Upgrade Calibre v1.10

This is a new version of Calibre, eBook Manager software.

I like to put the upgrade news here, because I like this software. It is free and compatible with most of the ebook devices in the market.

New Features

  • Conversion: Treat .docm the same as .docx files, ignoring any macros in the file.Closes tickets:
  • EPUB Output: Auto convert CMYK images to RGB. Works around the inability of Adobe Digital Editions to display CMYK images.Closes tickets:
  • Quickview: Add a checkbox to lock the quickview window so that it does not change while moving around in the main book list

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Update Skype manually

I checked software update information often. If there is new version come up, I will update it right away.
It is clear that Skype has a new version released. The one on my Windows 7 is I used Skype built-in Check For Updates function to check the new version. It said, no update found.
I go to the Skype official site, and download the Skpyesetup.exe file, re-install Skype program. It is still I don’t know what’s wrong of the Skype installation program.

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Make DNS-323 more powerful

I have DNS-323 in 2009. It is good NAS, which is running on 24/7 basis.

DNS-323 has it official BT client, or addon. But I would like to have a more powerful BT client.

First of all, FFP is requried. FFP stands for fonz fun_plug. I installed ffp 0.7 on it, per instruction here.
DNS-323 is using oabi. Ref

Installation is only two steps:
Step 1:
Download two files and put into the root folder on disk1 of DNS-323
fun_plug (installation script)
fun_plug.tgz (source files/packages)
Step 2:
Reboot DNS-323.

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Make a bootable USB disk to flash MB BIOS

Sometimes I need to flash the mother-board BIOS from DOS. Actually now I have not tools can boot the PC to DOS. There is no floppy disk driver on it. I can only make a DOS bootable USB disk to do the job.

So I have the USB disk on hand. It is 2GB, the smallest capacity one I have.

The method to make a bootable USB disk is a little bit different from the one I blogged 6 years ago.


1) Download flash tools – HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool (Please google it and find the download link by yourself)

2) Download DOS package , named Win98 boot. (Also try to google it)

3) Decompress these two file.

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calibre upgraded to 0.9.4

As usual, upgrade calibre to the latest version. Now it is v0.9.4.
Major new feature:
Conversion: Add an option to embed a font family into the book. [0.9.4]

The embedded font is used as the base font for all text that does not specify its own font family in the input document. Works only with output formats that support font embedding, principally EPUB/AZW3. Option is found under Look & Feel in the conversion dialog. You can ensure that the font is used for all text, regardless of the input document’s styles by filtering out font family styles via the Filter Style Information option in the Conversion dialog.

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