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How to Save toner When Printing Large amount of copies?

Words from HP:

Use EconoMode (draft) printing to print with less toner on each page. Selecting this option might extend the life of your print cartridge and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce print quality.

HP does not recommend full-time use of EconoMode. If Economode is used full-time when the average toner coverage is significantly less than five percent, it is possible that the toner supply will outlast the mechanical parts in the print cartridge. If print quality begins to degrade under these circumstances, you will need to install a new print cartridge, even if toner remains in the cartridge.

How to Save Print Cartridges?

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Make a bootable USB disk to flash MB BIOS

Sometimes I need to flash the mother-board BIOS from DOS. Actually now I have not tools can boot the PC to DOS. There is no floppy disk driver on it. I can only make a DOS bootable USB disk to do the job.

So I have the USB disk on hand. It is 2GB, the smallest capacity one I have.

The method to make a bootable USB disk is a little bit different from the one I blogged 6 years ago.


1) Download flash tools – HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool (Please google it and find the download link by yourself)

2) Download DOS package , named Win98 boot. (Also try to google it)

3) Decompress these two file.

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eWeek Channel Products of the Year for 2006

The special report on eWeek, Vol. 24, No.19.
Let me post part of the list of these channel product for you and me. Just for reference.
Collabration Software: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
Desktop PCs: HP Compaq dc7700 Business PC
Disaster recovery/backup: Symantec Backup Exec 11
Disk storage: HP StorageWorks All-in-one storage system
Displays: ViewSonic VG2230wm Widescreen Graphic Series LCD Display
ERP suites: MySAP
Notebooks: Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet
Printers: HP Laser Jet 5200

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How to choose a right Web Server

If you want to buy a web server, and you want to buy HP product, you can go to here to choose by Server buying guide.
There are 7 types servers in the table.
» File and print
» Small business suites
» Email and messaging
» Web server
» Domain controller
» Database
» Citrix or terminal services
For example, you want a Web server, you will find following options, Apache or Microsoft IIS servers.
This very depends on your web application used in web site. For ASP or ASP.Net, IIS is best bet. For Perl, PHP, MySQL, Apache is your choice.
If you choose Microsoft IIS, you have another two choices, one is tower, one is rank.

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