How to choose a right Web Server

If you want to buy a web server, and you want to buy HP product, you can go to here to choose by Server buying guide.
There are 7 types servers in the table.
» File and print
» Small business suites
» Email and messaging
» Web server
» Domain controller
» Database
» Citrix or terminal services
For example, you want a Web server, you will find following options, Apache or Microsoft IIS servers.
This very depends on your web application used in web site. For ASP or ASP.Net, IIS is best bet. For Perl, PHP, MySQL, Apache is your choice.
If you choose Microsoft IIS, you have another two choices, one is tower, one is rank.

Tower: A tower server is a free-standing unit. Similar to a large desktop PC in both size and shape.
Rack: A rack server is specially designed to fit within a standardized 19″ mounting rack.

Ok, you choose IIS server, with tower case.
Capacity and usage of your server is next step for your decision.
The question is how many concurrent users per minute do you guess to hit the web server?
1 – 400 users or 400 – 1000 users, it is a problem.
For 1 – 400 concurrent users, standard server is HP ProLiant ML310 G3.
You can choose the ML310 G3 in different configurations starting from $749 to $1,119.
CPU from Intel® Celeron® D 331 (2.66GHz/533MHz – 256K cache) Processor to Dual-Core Intel® Pentium® D 3.00GHz/800MHz 4M Processor.
Memory is 512MB.
Please be noticed that the prices above donot include OS.
It is not good deal, if you can DIY your own server.
But if you know less about hardware, choose HP.

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