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Ubuntu 7.10 on USB flash disk

I have some USB flash disks. I’d like to make it a bootable with Ubuntu 7.10. Let me show you how to do it. 1. Grab the Ubuntu 7.10 ISO and burn it to a CD 2. Insert the CD and your USB flash drive 3. Reboot your computer into Ubuntu from the Live CD

Make a bootable USB disk

I have three USB disks. Yesterday, I thought I can make a bootable USB disk and finally I chose the PNY attache 1 GB. The problem is I don’t know how to make a bootable USB disk. I searched the PNY site, found nothing. I did a lot of research. One site is bootdisk.com. The

Make Bart’s PE Boot Disk

Microsoft only provides Windows PE to OEM and Enterprise customers. So the small companies and end users do not get Windows PE. This is really bad. With Bart’s PE Builder they can build a Bootable XP CD-Rom (called BartPE) to use for maintaining their systems. For example to fix something which can not be fixed