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Why thumbnail png file is bigger after original png

I use png format picture file sometimes. It is OK when I upload the file into MovableType platform. I choose make thumbnail to 400px width from about 700px.
Perl ImageMagick engine will create thumbnail file. The blog software will generate html code and put into editor body.
Everything looks find. But the file size of thumbnail png is bigger than original png file.
Original png file: 700X505 49KB
Thumbnail png file: 400X288 78KB
Why is it bigger?

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Solve the problem of ffmpeg on Dreamhost

I have an website which is hosted on Dreamhost.
I has a script to convert video from any formats to flv file, which can be played as flash video.
When I look at the error which made is shown as below.
ffmpeg unknown encoder mp3
It looks like mp3 audio is not supported by ffmpeg on Dreamhost. I think it is supported when I first write this script.
I checked the support history under Dreamhost control panel. The log said the account is moved to a new server last month. It may make something different.
OK. I google it and got the answer

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Solution of Dreamhost memory limitation

The previous post I wrote explain why 500 internal error happen when MovableType publishing.
At the last, I promise that I will tell you how to solve this problem without upgrading your sharing host to VPS.
KEY point: The 120MB memory limit is per user.
If you know that, the answer is simple.
In one Dreamhost account, you can create many, many users. So
Create a new user for Movabletype powered blog.

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Disable Trackback sitewide

During the past 6 months, all trackbacks are spams. To save the resource of my server, I disable the trackback service sitewide.
I hope to see the CPU and Memory usage drop in the future.
There are still some problem of MovableType on Dreamhost.
Dreamhost is good. I use it for many small sites. But right now, I fell it is more restrict on memory usage. Any time I publish one post, 500 error comes. If rebuild site, situation worse.
I will keep watch it and see if it is getting better. Or I may transfer to VPS.

Run php from HTML file

The scenario is I have a blog powered by Movabletype. All html files. Later I need it to be running like a php file. Then I can add php codes inside without changing extension name from html to php.
I’d like to keep the URL. The blog is about five years old.
Two years ago, I add the following into .htaccess file, which is from Let php engine handle html as php.
RemoveHandler .html .htm
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html

It works very well until last week.
I got the error like ask me save the file or not. It is not return the correct php or html file.

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