Disable Trackback sitewide

During the past 6 months, all trackbacks are spams. To save the resource of my server, I disable the trackback service sitewide.
I hope to see the CPU and Memory usage drop in the future.
There are still some problem of MovableType on Dreamhost.
Dreamhost is good. I use it for many small sites. But right now, I fell it is more restrict on memory usage. Any time I publish one post, 500 error comes. If rebuild site, situation worse.
I will keep watch it and see if it is getting better. Or I may transfer to VPS.


  1. Hi David,
    I posted a question yesterday but nevermind, we got it to work. Our solution:
    A few weeks ago the client wanted easier access to all the entries in a given category, so we changed the setting so that the category index page would display 1,000 entries or something ridiculous like that. We set it back to a reasonable number yesterday and everything started publishing smoothly again.
    Then we used the static pagination plugin recommended by Mihai at Movable Type’s forums to solve the original problem: http://www.aldenbates.com/plugins/pagedarchives.html

  2. Hi David,
    We are also having a problem with posts and comments not publishing on a site with a lot of entries(using MT 4.31). We switched hosting providers to one with more resources and it’s still not working. Did you find anything else out since you published this? Thx.
    Like your site, by the way.

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