I have an Nintendo DS Lite for 2 or 3 years. All good. Except the case is broken by someone. Maybe my daughter. Definitely not my wife. 🙂
OK. I will try to replace the case. The whole case.
DealExtreme is a good place to find these kind of small staff.
I ordered it at $9.60. Full Replacement Housing Case for NDS Lite (White). It is WHITE. The original case is black. Now change to white. Good idea.
It took about two weeks to receive it.
You want to know how to change the case. See video below.

Actually, there are a lot of other videos on the Youtube. You can do the search here. Pick one and two clips of video to get an basic idea how to do it. Then start.

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  1. Oh nice video to tel lhow to change the cover of nintendo ds lite…its mormal that case may damage..even once my case also broken..

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