Make a paper Raspberry Pi case

Raspberry Pi board is shipped board only. Nothing else. It is a barebon IC board.

So first I think it is good to give it a case.

To make a perfect paper Raspberry Pi case, followed the following guideline:

  • Make sure to turn off ‘scale to fit’ in printer prefs before printing.
  • Score card firmly on fold lines before folding.


It is easy to use. I found the printout pdf from the official site here.

  • For best results cut with fine pointed knife andmetal safety ruler. Please be careful, and supervise children. I’m not responsible for cut
  • fingers!
  • Superglue or similar is best for gluing the tabs.
  • Use the thickest card your printer will take. I used approx 300gsm.

This one is not just for making paper case. I will use the measurement of the openings to make a plastic one or wood case.
It is a good starting point to design your own case.

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