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Lakka – The open source game console

I always want to have my own arcade game machine. Today I tried Lakka, actually, I tried RetroPi before. Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full blown game console. First of all, I would like to list my hardware for this small project. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Linux Desktop – LXDE

There are some popular desktops in Linux Environments. KDE –  a Graphical desktop that is similar to the Microsoft Windows Xfc –  a lightweight but fully functional graphical desktop Gnome – a historically popular desktop that is the default desktop on many linux distributions LXDE – a lightweight yet powerful graphical desktop that is specifically

Raspberry Pi Information

I have a Raspberry Pi for many years. At least three years. Now I took it out and start to learn somthing new on it. First of all, it is time to know the hardware information. On terminal window, enter the following: On my system, I see the following output: Look at the revision number

Raspberry Pi Accessories

To make Raspberry Pi work, I need some accessories. When I ordered Raspberry Pi from the official site, it is a PCB only. I need the following items. USB keyboard and mouse. Prepared SD card. At least class4, 4GB. HDMI or composite television, OR a monitor with DVI or HDMI input, and an HDMI/composite cable.

Mame Game Roms – Galaxy

I played Mame Arcade Game on Raspberry Pi. To play the old age game, you have to find the roms. Here is some roms, you can download and try. If you want other roms, leave the message below, I will try to find it and put the link for your downloading. Galaxy Download Galaxy Rom

Playing Mame Arcade Game on Raspberry Pi

My first project for Raspberry Pi is game emulator. Oh, no, it is the second. The first is to make a case for Raspberry Pi. Let us look at the Raspberry Pi’s status when it working inside of the case. The board is sitting inside of the box perfectly. The white lan cable connect from