To make Raspberry Pi work, I need some accessories. When I ordered Raspberry Pi from the official site, it is a PCB only. I need the following items.

  • USB keyboard and mouse.
  • Prepared SD card. At least class4, 4GB.
  • HDMI or composite television, OR a monitor with DVI or HDMI input, and an HDMI/composite cable.
  • Micro USB power supply – make sure you use a good quality one, capable of providing at least 1A at 5V.
  • Ethernet LAN cable (optional).

I have USB keyboard and mouse.

SD card, I have 8GB Kingston SDHC.

HDMI cable, I have one. I can use it to connect it to my TV. Now I got one gardget, or HDMI Female to DVI Male Adapter. So I can connect it to Acer monitor with DVI connector.

Micro USB poser supply. I bought one AC Adapter, or Slim USB Power Adapter. Then, I don’t need to use my HTC power adapter any more.

And CASE. Clear case is great. I like it.

Here is an pic.

See these two accessories. Cost is $10.

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