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A very handy tool set from Dremel to make a case of Raspberry Pi

When I received the Raspberry Pi board, I thought I will make a case for it.
So, first I made a paper case here to have a little idea. Then I am looking for the box or case with similar size.
I went to Daiso, called as Toonie store, everything is two dollars.
I found paper clips with box. The box is perfect right. I bought it and gave all clips to my daughters. They need it for homework.
It is a box, need to be cut the hole or opening for ports of Rasperberry Pi.
To do this job, I need the tool for cutting.
After two days research and comparison, I decide to buy Dremel 3000 tool. Today, I went to Canadian Tire and paid $78.39 with Tax.
It is a set.

The blue small case is to store the accessories. There is a big gray box to hold all these staffs.

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Make a paper Raspberry Pi case

Raspberry Pi board is shipped board only. Nothing else. It is a barebon IC board.

So first I think it is good to give it a case.

To make a perfect paper Raspberry Pi case, followed the following guideline:

  • Make sure to turn off ‘scale to fit’ in printer prefs before printing.
  • Score card firmly on fold lines before folding.


It is easy to use. I found the printout pdf from the official site here.

  • For best results cut with fine pointed knife andmetal safety ruler. Please be careful, and supervise children. I’m not responsible for cut
  • fingers!
  • Superglue or similar is best for gluing the tabs.
  • Use the thickest card your printer will take. I used approx 300gsm.

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Get my Nintendo DS Lite Case changed

I have an Nintendo DS Lite for 2 or 3 years. All good. Except the case is broken by someone. Maybe my daughter. Definitely not my wife. 🙂
OK. I will try to replace the case. The whole case.
DealExtreme is a good place to find these kind of small staff.
I ordered it at $9.60. Full Replacement Housing Case for NDS Lite (White). It is WHITE. The original case is black. Now change to white. Good idea.
It took about two weeks to receive it.
You want to know how to change the case. See video below.

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