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Make a paper Raspberry Pi case

Raspberry Pi board is shipped board only. Nothing else. It is a barebon IC board. So first I think it is good to give it a case. To make a perfect paper Raspberry Pi case, followed the following guideline: Make sure to turn off ‘scale to fit’ in printer prefs before printing. Score card firmly

Math worksheet updates

I update math worksheet generator yesterday. Some new features: * One-Digit or Two-Digit. If you choose two-digit, you can setup the max number you want. * Addition, subtraction or mixed with addition and subtraction. * You can choose to print answer key as well. * Setup how many worksheets you need. * The name of

PHP : Creating PDF

To create PDF file by PHP, you need some basic information. I record it here. Page Sizes in PostScript Points Paper Size – Page Width – Page Height Letter – 612 – 792 Legal – 612 – 1008 A0 – 2380 – 3368 A1 – 1684 – 2380 A2 – 1190 – 1684 A3 –

Print to PDF

Sometimes we have to print the documtent to PDF file. If you have Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional , congratulation for you. It cost you US$422. at Amazon. It has so many features I don’t need. I just want to convert a document to PDF file only. Let’s Google the web. http://www.neevia.com Their products provide too