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Replace the battery to extend the life of iPod Touch 3rd Generation

I have a iPod touch since 2010. It is 32GB 3rd generation iPod touch. It works all my apps I have. The speed is fine. The only problem is the battery life. I can only use it for 20 minutes, then it needs charge.

After googleing and researching, I found it is not hard to replace the battery to extend the life of iPod touch.

I ordered a replacement battery from DX.COM. This online store has a lot of small stuff which is hard to find in local market. And the price is low. Quality is OK, if you are lucky. But the shipment is slow, or very slower. This time, I wait more than one month to get it.

This is the one I received this morning.


$5.30 only.

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Replace SSD on Acer Aspire One ZG5

Acer Aspire One ZG5 has 8GB SSD. This SSD has poor performance as indicated on Wiki.

Intel Z-P230, model SSDPAMM0008G1. This SSD has been criticized for its slow read and write speed. Intel lists the drive’s maximum speeds as 38 MB/s read and 10 MB/s write.

The even worse issue is that the SSD on my netbook has a lot of errors.

So I was considering to replace it by a new SSD.

This is the one I took out from the netbook.

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Google release mod_pagespeed beta

Google released a new product, mod_pagespeed. It is a mod for Apache web server.

mod_pagespeed is an open-source Apache module that automatically optimizes web pages and resources on them. It does this by rewriting the resources using filters that implement web performance best practices. Webmasters and web developers can use mod_pagespeed to improve the performance of their web pages when serving content with the Apache HTTP Server.

mod_pagespeed includes several filter that optimize JavaScript, HTML and CSS stylesheets. It also includes filters for optimizing JPEG and PNG images. The filters are based on a set of best practices known to enhance web page performance. Webmasters who set up mod_pagespeed in addition to configuring proper caching and compression on their Apache distribution should expect to see an improvement in the loading time of the pages on their websites.

To install it on Centos 5.5, I did following.

1) SSH to my VPS with root right.

2) Add Google Linux Software Repositories.

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Add Advanced BBcode Box 3 for phpBB 3

I have a forum powered by phpBB3.0.7 PL1. It works great. Even I added so many mods and some my customized changes on it, it still has room to improve.

Last week, it took me about two hours to add Advanced BBcode Box 3.
You can find it and download it here.

After installation, the edit box looks like following:


Let me describe the steps I took to add it.

1) Backup, backup, backup.
The most important things before doing any major changes is BACKUP.
Backup all files under phpbb by command tar.
Backup mysql database, though command mysqldump. It is about 1GB big.

2) Ftp the backup file to other place for safe.

3) Download Advanced BBcode Box 3 package from the link above.

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Get my Nintendo DS Lite Case changed

I have an Nintendo DS Lite for 2 or 3 years. All good. Except the case is broken by someone. Maybe my daughter. Definitely not my wife. 🙂
OK. I will try to replace the case. The whole case.
DealExtreme is a good place to find these kind of small staff.
I ordered it at $9.60. Full Replacement Housing Case for NDS Lite (White). It is WHITE. The original case is black. Now change to white. Good idea.
It took about two weeks to receive it.
You want to know how to change the case. See video below.

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Best choice of Wii mod chip

There are many different brand mod chips for Wii.
WiiKey, D2CKey, Cyclowiz, Wiinja, Wiinja Deluxe, Wiibuster, etc.
Compare with the price, function, features and the Wii Drivechip, I recommend Wii Key 2.
Wii Key 2 support DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2 and D2E chipsets. Support all regions, including USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
The full specification shown below:

* Compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2 and D2E chipsets
* Compatible with all regions, USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
* Compatible with D2B “cut pin” drives (does not require the cut pins to be connected)
* Fully configurable and updatable via DVD
* Advanced automatic region detection with fallback (works even if a drive is changed to a different region Wii)
* Region override for Wii and Gamecube games
* Direct Boot of Wii original, import, and backup games
* Direct Boot of Gamecube original, import, and backup games
* Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
* Supports multi-disc games, DVD-R, +R, +RW (no bitsetting required)
* Supports Dual Layer
* Supports factory made ‘silvers’, even with incorrect header data
* Supports, SMG, SSBB, Mario Kart and other ‘problem’ titles
* Streaming audio-fix for Gamecube games
* Diskspeed configurable via DVD, with separate settings for different media types
* Recovery mode makes it impossible to brick the chip with a bad flash
* 8Mbit onboard flash for storing data and applications
* Rock solid performance with 3.3V FPGA core and high quality components
* Multifrequency Ringpiece Oscillators (MRO) for optimum performance, even with problem drives
* Onboard status LEDs

It is only 19.95, plus tax $1 and shipping fee, total is $25.90. When you make order through Shipping taks about one week.
Now it is yellow tag in the back of Wii Key 2 chip, so 6 solder points only for D2C, D2C2, or D2E.

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Fight against Spam, Spammer and Bots

Create a Forum, or BBS, is easy for now. But to keep it clean and away from spam is more difficult.
To take care of the PHPBB, I use it for G2Soft Supporting Forum, I add some plugins on it.
I added Humanizer mod for PHPBB, and Hide User’s WebSite Button 1.0.3.
I got some help from this two posts:
Preventing SPAM – Bots and Humans
This one is from official PHPBB support team. The advice and steps are very clear and easy to understand, but some installations are very complicated.
Spammers & Scammers

This one is from a geek. He recorded some spammers’ IP address. I use it for reference and ban them in my Forum.

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Hide User’s WebSite Button 1.0.3

I just updated PHPBB yesterday.
Because of so many spammers on the Internet. They keep register on my forum and left the porn site links or spams.
I hate them. Sometimes I changed the configuration that only admin can active new users.
Now I let it open and install a new mod to hide user’s website button.
After installation, only ADMIN and Moderators can see the WWW button here.
Let me show you how to install it.
1) Download file
2) Follow the instruction to modify the following five files.
## memberlist.php
## groupcp.php
## privmsg.php
## viewtopic.php
## includes/usercp_viewprofile.php
Make sure backup these files before step 2.

Upgrade PHPBB from 2.0.19 to 2.0.22

I upgraded my G2Soft Supporting forum yesterday.
The latest one is 2.0.22.
It took me about 15 minutes to upgrade it from 2.0.19. Easy and smooth.
The PHPBB can be downloaded here.
The PHPBB is simple to upgrade, but the mods I installed are not working any more. I have to fix them or install a updated version.
I use two mods, Userlist and attachment.
I found Userlist 2.0.6C and install it in 10 minutes.
The Attachment mod is so complicated. I spent over 30 minutes to go thought lots of files to do the modifications.
Now everything is fine.
Thanks to these author of Freeware.

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